mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Dear friends and customers,

This is already the Holiday Season !

We are happy to announce that the new collection from P’tit Chic is back into store and this is very very cute.

We will have a event trunk show given by the local designer Sutter and Larking the 15th of November from 5 to 8 pm. We would be happy to see you.

Don’t forget to mention the Newsletter to get your 10% off (except on Atelier Voisin Shoes and Sutter and Larkin design)

Happy Thanksgiving !


vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Dear friends and customers

Lili Merveille is very glad and proud to introduce you MINISTRY OF TOMORROW, an american brand handmade in Kenya that makes a difference. Welcome in a sustainable world of quality ! Bags, Ipad case, Jewelry and soon T-shirts and Apparel. Make a gift or treat yourself doing the good !

The beautiful designer of Sutter & Larkin just joined the team of Lili Merveille. Dresses, tops, gorgeous jackets, all handmade by the gifted Carrie Asby are waiting for you

Also don’t forget our special sample sale and get your fall winter collection shoes from ATELIER VOISIN, one of the greatest and oldest brand in France. If you are a size 7 you are a winner !!!

vendredi 30 mars 2012

Spring is here !! And Lili Merveille is ready for it


Yes they are finally back and we are so happy to offer this great item again. A nice and soft cut little bag with seven pockets and seven kisses inside. Each kiss can be used for a person that the child likes or it can be used as one kiss per day when you have to live your child for a few days. Great transitional object and a gift which lasts forever !


We are welcoming a new brand, the designers are two beautiful french women with exquisite tastes and all is handmade HERE in SAN FRANCISCO. So you buy french and local at the same time ! Those very unique scarf won’t last for sure. The material is amazing and the colors fantastic !


Among our new brands we are proud to carry PUTUMAYO. French CDs for grown up and for kids, european stickers and colorbooks. Spend a nice moment traveling with your child !


Our successful jewel designer from switzerland is back in the store with new creations, don’t miss them.


This discovery of the Fall Winter 2011 is back with its new collection and we cannot wait for you to see it. Nice, easy, casual but special and well cut. Your little ones will love to wear P’tit Chic !


And of course our designer from SPAIN SAAKO is back in store with new great and colorful scarf-laces handmade under the sun of Mediterranee. Vibrant and unique. Get a piece of Spain for this summer !

jeudi 23 février 2012

Celebration of Spring 2012 !

Dear Customers

First of all we are happy to work with a new brand Tralala Inc, a company created by a french designer. Cute, colorful, funny, original and made in USA.

Also Le Petit Monde d’A is back into the store with its great aprons for kids and its musical dachsunds

We welcome a great french painter from South of the Bay Evelyne Consorti who exhibits 4 of her paintings at the store.

By O Creations, a local gifted designer is happy to present her beautiful dolls

We will receive our new collection of dresses by les Filles a la Vanille as soon as next week

Talk to you in a few weeks

In the meantime and if you come into the store don’t forget to mention our newsletter to get your 10%off on any item

We have still big sale going on up to 50 %  for kids and babies and 30% for jewelry and dresses for women. Don't miss them if you are around Hayes Street

Thanks and enjoy this beautiful Sun 


jeudi 1 décembre 2011


Dear Friends and Customers,

The Holidays season is already back and Hayes Valley, with all its little boutiques, is ready to welcome you.

Don’t miss the Neighborhood party tomorrow Friday the 2d of december. We will stay open until 8 :30 pm for this special event offering a 20% to the customers who will mention this Newsletter  !

Along with our cocktail dresses made in France, we have received beautiful coats.

Of course, the rain ponchos keep being one of our best sellers as the 100% organic pyjamas de Cow-Boy, de Super Heros, de Lion…from Adri. But the interesting part is that now Kiki La Fee, the designer of the polk-a-dots Rain Ponchos, makes them also for grown-up ! Feel free to choose your color and the color of the trim and ask for your personalized handmade rain poncho from Marseille ! (delivery takes 3 weeks)

Those last two months we have also welcomed new great brands as  the very cute P’tit Chic de Paris.

Flora Merleau Jewelry from Brittany

And of course we still have our great old fashioned watches from la Tete dans les Nuages and the woman's and kids jewelry from the creative brand Rock around my Neck !

You will discover also Place Balard, women apparel made in France

The Beautiful Tuniques from the local designer Nora Stratton and the amazing creations from the local designer By O

To keep you warm, Saako, a creative spanish brand provides colorful, fun, nice, warm special scarfs !

We also welcome the paintings of the local artist Katie Haas exhibited in our store for a few months

And of course toys from Djeco and stuffed animals The Super Zeros and the creations by T’es Fou Louloup !!! are waiting  their new friends to pick them up

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season !


jeudi 15 septembre 2011

Welcome Fall 2011 !

Time to go back to school and get your rain ponchos ! From 2 years old to adults (YES ADULTS !!), from pink to brown... As soon as next week our shipment from Marseille KIKI LA FEE will offer you the best and cutest ponchos. A nice way to smile at the heavy rain !

But let the Indian summer settle a while and let us wear our cocktail dresses even during the day ! Thanks to the beautiful dresses made in France by Les Filles a la Vanille, very 60' and Mad Men style. They make a gorgeous silhouette !

And to add to this perfect cocktail silhouette what else than a nice jewel handmade by Creationdel in Geneva - Switzerland, La Tete dans les Nuages in Lille - France or le Clan des Skuns little adorable liberty bracelets in Lion - France ?

Of course our 100% organic pyjamas designed by ADRI - princess, cowboy, super heros, lion, space... are still on our racks ! And thank you to Lisa from the Daily Candy San Francisco for her great article !

We are very proud to be featured in this great magazine

Wish you all a wonderful month !


mercredi 13 juillet 2011


SUMMER 2011 !!!

To celebrate summer we are proud to announce that we carry women apparel also now.

To start the women corner, we welcome DES FILLES A LA VANILLE and ANTOINE ET LILI.

Of course we still have great jewelry for women and kids. We welcome the designers IDENTITE REMARQUABLE and UN OISEAU SUR LA BRANCHE among us.

Our kids department moves on as well and we are happy to welcome a new shipment from KZA, T’ES FOU LOULOU and to extend the ADRI Pyjama’s collection to LE PYJAMA DE LION and LE SPACE PYJAMA, our 100% organic cotton hit !  A PUNKY BIRDY shipment is also on its way with its organic fun onesies !

One word about our neighborhood which is changing a lot those last weeks. A new playground had opened on Hayes and Buchanan and a new project Pop Up Interactive Craft Design Museum is having its opening this week-end on Sunday July 17th at Hayes and Octavia by the Ice Cream Pop up.

Another reason to join Hayes Valley this week-end is our great sales still on !

20% - 30% - 40% OFF

HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER and Thank You for your time.